Morning Meditation/Evening Reflections       

an on-line home group of Alcoholics Anonymous that meets every day at 6:45 am & pm (EST) to share our 

experience, strength and hope with each other...

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An open meeting focused on Steps 1, 2 & 3

Tuesdays and Thursdays

5:00PM EST - Doors open at 4:45PM EST


An open meeting focused on the Twelve Traditions


5:00PM EST - Doors open at 4:45PM EST


A moderator led reading and discussion

Next Workshop:  Sat. 20th July

3rd & 4th Saturday's  8:30AM EST - 10:00AM EST

MM/ER  Meditation Moments

Guided Group Meditation and Discussion

Saturdays 11:00AM EST 

Sundays 5:00PM EST

Regardless of the road you follow, we all head for the same destination...

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Daily Reflections

Morning Meditation/Evening Reflections originated in Akron, OH, in July 2020 as a registered online home group with an International membership offering two A.A. zoom meetings a day, seven days a week.

Our meeting's history started with in person meetings at St. Thomas Hospital, in Akron, the first alcoholic ward where Dr. Bob & Sister Ignatia worked to help over 5,000 alcoholics. 

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