Traditional Braces

We appreciate that you have considered our office for your orthodontic treatment. We are always so excited about meeting new patients!! We hope that the following information will reveal what to expect from orthodontic treatment, prior to any visits or treatments.

Consultation Session Estimated appointment time : 1 hour

This appointment is complimentary for our new patients. We would begin by carefully listening to the patient’s concerns. Then, Dr. Jafri will perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination to evaluate your teeth, bite, face and profile. We will address if orthodontic treatment is needed, when treatment should begin, estimated treatment length and the approximate fees involved. We’ll also be happy to review the financial aspect of your orthodontic care. Though fees are based on the nature and complexity of individual cases, we offer a variety of affordable payment options, including the coordination of insurance. Please plan to bring your insurance information with you to this first appointment. This appointment should provide the adequate information you need to make the decision to pursue orthodontic treatment. If the patient decides to start the treatment, the records appointment will be made. To minimize your time away from work and school, the diagnostic records can be scheduled on the same day as your initial exam if the schedule allows. At least one parent should accompany every child under eighteen years of age.

You may choose to download the patient information and insurance forms, which can be found on our website on the Patient Forms link to the right.

Diagnostic Records Estimated appointment time : 1 hour

The following procedures are performed to obtain the further diagnostic information, which Dr. Jafri will carefully evaluate to custom tailor the treatment plan for each patient. * Comprehensive oral, facial and skeletal examination * Photographs of the patient’s teeth, bite, face and profile * Upper and lower Impressions and bite registration for plaster diagnostic models * Two x-rays – panoramic view of the teeth, roots & jaw structure and skeletal side view of the head & jaw for measurements. The spacers may be put on the patients’ teeth for band fitting. All paperwork may be signed and initial payment made during this visit.

Second consultation and Financial Agreement: 1 hour Dr. Jafri may want to schedule an additional consultation appointment for some patients. This gives him time to study the diagnostic records before deciding your particular treatment plan. If not taken care of at the Diagnostic Records appointment all paperwork must be signed and payment made during this visit.

Start of Treatment

Estimated appointment time : 1.5 – 2 hours

The braces are placed on patients teeth during this visit. Due to long appointment time, this treatment will be scheduled during non peak time from 9AM to 3PM. Please see our ‘Scheduling Appointment’ under ‘Office Policy’ for more details. The patient will be given specific instruction and demonstrations on oral hygiene care with the braces. A personal oral hygiene care kit will be provided to ensure the healthy oral condition of our patients throughout the treatment.

Adjustments Estimated appointment time : 15 – 30 min

With the latest advances and technology in treatment options Dr. Jafri has incorporated, some of our patients can be seen every 6-8 weeks rather than every 4 weeks, as before to evaluate the oral hygiene, to review treatment progress and insert a new wire as necessary.

Debonding Estimated appointment time : 1 – 1.5 hours

The braces are removed upon completion of treatment. Post-treatment impression, x-rays and photographs are taken. The impression model is used to construct a retainer to hold the teeth in place. A temporary retainer will be provided for patient to wear until the retainer appointment.

Retainer Estimated appointment time : 15 – 30 min

Approximately one week after the braces removal, the permanent or removable retainer is fitted. The retainer must be worn as instructed to ensure your teeth settle into their new position. The detail instructions that patient must strictly adhere to are provided regarding time of wear and care.

Retention Estimated appointment time : 15 – 30 min

Even though your braces have been removed, regular checkups are scheduled at 3, 6 or 12 months intervals to ensure that the orthodontic correction is stable.