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In this journey of life Health is the most important. Not much more out ranks it. If you do not have a healthy Mind, Body and Soul then how can we really claim Happiness?

When I began my journey in building wealth several years ago, rooted not in greed but in my need to leave a legacy behind. One of the first things I remember learning was the importance of balancing life's trilogy. And I try to focus myself in that balance daily. I am not one that claims a religion but I am very spiritually guided. As well as building my financial literacy daily through investments and education on a myriad of options. Primarily in real estate.

In 2009 my father passed away from colon cancer but it was during this time that I began to learn more about the relationship between food and health. Although to late to affect change for my father I continued researching and learning how the food we eat can either benefit or destroy one's health. And understanding the science is empowing to be proactive in the choices made. My transition has been a journey of enlightenment through not only traditional educational paths but personal experience as well.


In 2017 I turned 50 years old and while celebrating I realized I had Bell's Palsy. Navigating recovery through this illness had little to do with finance but primarily to do with my health and personal choices I made. At that time I had a basic understanding of the principles of food, health and leveraging that understanding to make choices on steps to take. I eliminated foods that produce inflammation and ate foods that would aid in my healing. I made a full recovery in 15 days. It was then that I began to take note and realize I was on to something here so I continued to learn more. Since then I have recovered from several health issues from chronic fungal infections, chronic debilitating migraines, neck and shoulder injuries from multiple rear end collisions, lower back pain, inflammation of my knee, allergies, asthma, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure. And even more not listed.

For 25 years I held a Job at Verizon Communications. In 2012 that job suddenly came to an end. I used lessons I learn in finance and jumped feet first into becoming an entrepreneur. Following my passion in understanding these lessons I established this page. My goal is to advocate and assist others in their journey in health and wealth. Today I am 100% alkaline. I follow proven principals. Although I tout the principals I've learned thru Dr. Sebi (health) and Robert Kyiosaki (Mindset of Wealth). There are many more I have learned from. In health, eat an alkaline diet of foods created by Mother Earth. Stay away from synthetic, hybrids as well as GMOs. The body does not know how to process it. In maintaining optimal health the best decisions can be made that affect life Spiritually, Financially, and Personally. In Wealth, Mindset is the key to making the best financial decisions. Understanding the many options available allows for strategic strategies that affect financial outcomes today and tomorrow.

And now today these principles have proven to be life saving. Having lived thru the Pandemic of 2020 walking the walk. Never having Covid. Not getting vaccinated. and helping others around me in issues affecting Health. And learning a mirade of new things to share relating to Health and Wealth. I am excited to share with those that want to know. It is not just what you know.

But what you apply to your life to live a life of Freedom and Abundance. Won't you join me?

I am happy to say I have helped others in health, heal thru alkalinity/detox of varying forms from Covid/Flu, Alcoholism withdrawal, Mental Health Issues, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma attack, and more. In finance I have help place people in their forever home, rentals, and lessons in nontraditional finance that is not taught in school. Let's connect. I look forward to helping you too.