Transportation Reauthorization

The coming reauthorization debate is likely to be fast, furious, and complicated. Do you have the help you need to understand how this legislation – and its many alternatives and amendments – will affect you?

Mark headed the reauthorization team for a major state DOT and he has extensive knowledge of federal funding programs from years of managing a multi-billion dollar capital program. His contacts in state and DOTs and in Washington and make the difference for your organization as it seeks to lead on transportation reauthorization. Mark Stout has decades of legislative and policy experience. He holds a PhD in legislative politics and has served a legislative director for a Member of Congress and lobbiest for a major national labor union.

Our experience

• Provided legislative analysis of the Oberstar reauthorization bill and related legislation to a national advocacy group.

• Drafted major reauthorization position papers, including legislative language, on the topics of performance planning, organizational reform, rural policy, and other issues.

• Provided recommendations on federal reauthorization finance issues to the TRB national finance conference.

• Provided analytical support and coaching for several state advocacy groups to help them work with state DOTs and MPOs on ARRA stimulus and related federal issues.

• Wrote a guide for state advocacy groups to help them analyze their state’s use of federal bridge funds.

What we can do for you

• Rapid response analysis of federal legislation.

• Drafting of legislative language.

• Preparation of policy documents.

• Preparation of user-friendly summaries and presentations.

• Strategic coaching.

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