Our Work

Mark L Stout Consulting serves the transportation policy and planning needs of a variety of public sector and nonprofit clients.  Recent projects of note include:

I-94 Freeway Widening Project, Wisconsin

We are providing support for a coalition of environmental, transportation reform, and community groups opposing the widening of the I-94 East-West Freeway in Milwaukee.  Our team of experts has provided a series of technical memoranda on planning, traffic, safety, air quality, and other issues in response to the most recent environmental document.  We wrote a comprehensive alternative plan for the corridor, based on rehabilitation of the existing freeway infrastructure and provision of a robust new transit system, which was published as “Fix at Six.”

Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Finance

Under contract with the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, our team supported efforts to reform Baltimore area public transportation and to prepare for development of a Baltimore Regional Transit Authority.  We provided research papers, draft documents, outreach, and strategic advice.

Transportation and Climate Initiative

Mark served as a key organizer and facilitator, under contract to the Georgetown Climate Center, for startup of the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a collaborative effort of the transportation, environment, and energy agencies of the northeast states and the District of Columbia. He provided guidance and support to state agencies and to the regional collaborative in facing the challenges of climate change and transportation, and facilitated meetings of agency heads and key staff. He organized and facilitated working groups on alternative vehicles and fuels and on freight, and developed major policy initiatives, including the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network.

Opposition to Interstate Highway Widening Projects in Maryland

Our team developed policy and technical reports addressing climate change, induced travel, and other issues in support of the work of the Maryland Climate Coalition opposing Maryland’s proposed Interstate highway widening projects in the Washington, DC region.

Feasibility and Implications of Electric Vehicle Deployment and Infrastructure Development

Mark provided strategic advice and assistance on transportation policy, finance, and federal and state agency roles for a major strategic planning study for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on the future of electric vehicles.

Maryland Project Prioritization

Mark provided a report to 1,000 Friends of Maryland and the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance developing recommendations to the Maryland Legislature for a more rigorous and progressive project scoring system under the Maryland Open Transportation Investment Decisions Act of 2016.

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)

Mark provides research and analysis support to a team undertaking transportation planning and air quality research projects, including NCHRP Synthesis 20-05, Topic 54-21, “Practices in the Transportation Planning Process to Address Climate Resilience and GHG Emission Quantification and Reduction,” and Synthesis 20-05, Topic 51-18, “Practices for Project-Level Analyses for Air Quality.”

Top Strategies for Accelerating Multimodal Infrastructure Delivery

Mark provided strategic advice and assistance to a team developing a handbook for the Federal Highway Administration advising state transportation staff on strategies for accelerating bicycle and pedestrian and other multimodal transportation projects.

State DOT Strategic Plan

Mark led the consultant team supporting the New Jersey Department of Transportation in preparing an agency implementation plan for New Jersey’s statewide strategic plan, including formulating goals, objectives, strategies, and performance measures.

MPO Smart Transportation Program Design

Under contract to 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, Mark helped the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania metropolitan planning organization design and implement a Smart Transportation funding program, including identifying federal funding sources and designing project selection criteria.

Historic Bridge Preservation

Our team provided technical support for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network in developing strategies to preserve historic bridges in rural areas in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Airport Strategic Land Development Study

Our team developed a strategic land development study for the Trenton Mercer Airport, a medium-sized commercial airport owned and operated by Mercer County, New Jersey. The study recommended locating a new airport terminal linked to a relocated commuter rail station and a hotel/conference center complex, anchoring a town center redevelopment project in the inner suburb of Ewing, New Jersey. The study also recommended a “Smartport” business park, oriented toward the high-tech and medical sectors, as a source of non-aviation revenue.

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