Transportation and Livability Conference Papers Posted

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 10:16:06 PM

The full conference proceedings of last year’s Conference on Performance Measures for Transportation and Livable Communities have now been posted. The Austin conference, sponsored by the Texas Transportation Institute, showed that we have made some significant progress on this important topic, but still have a long way to go.

My presentation, entitled “Targeted Transportation Programs for Livable Communities: Lessons from Three Pennsylvania Programs,” is found in session 4. I offered up some of the conclusions I have reached in working on these programs, one sponsored by the greater Philadelphia MPO (DVRPC), one sponsored by PennDOT, and one by the Lancaster County MPO. All three of these programs have shown that MPOs and state DOTs can get a big payoff from small investments when they carefully target a Smart Growth transportation program. More of them should really pursue this opportunity!

There were many informative presentations, and I am reluctant to single any out, but I will mention just a few that I personally found helpful.

Forinash (general session) and Zietsman (session 2) gave introductions to the two new guidebooks on the topic, by USEPA and NCHRP respectively.

For some on-the-ground experience with sustainability performance measures, you might look at Appleyard (session 1), Taebel (4), Lane (8), and Tilbury (10).

If you are not familiar with the work being done on accessibility (as distinct from mobility), you should be! See all the session 7 presentations (Guthrie et al. offers some data on accessibility and transportation equity issues that offered some important new insights).

Those of us that have had to cope with the issue of “main streets” on state highways will benefit from Reeves (session 1).

Congrats to Katie Turnbull and company for pushing some important issues along