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Tues. 14 November 2017 - DAY 1

14.00 Welcome

Session 1

14.00-14.20 Mining Arguments from Online Debating

A.Pazienza, S. Ferilli

14.20-14.40 A Web Application for Statistical Relational Learning

M. Alberti, E. Bellodi, G. Cota, E. Lamma, F. Riguzzi, R. Zese

14.40-15.00 Predicting Information Cascades via Deep Learning

G. Manco, G. Pirrò

15.00-15.20 Constructive Recommendation

P. Dragone, S. Teso, A. Passerini

15.20-15.40 Towards a Stateful FAQ-Chatbot with a Hybrid Deep Learning/Pattern-Matching Architecture

F. Battista, G. De Gasperis

15.40-16.00 Machine Learning Techniques for Personality-Based Multimedia Recommender Systems

M. Amadei, F. Gasparetti, A. Micarelli, H. Mohamed, G. Sansonetti

Coffee Break

Session 2

16.30-16.50 Leveraging the Power of Spectral and Relational Features in Hyperspectral Image Classification

A. Appice, P. Guccione, D. Malerba

16.50-17.10 Encoding and Decoding Representations with Sum-Product Networks

A. Vergari, R. Peharz, N. Di Mauro, F. Esposito

17.10-17.30 Hashing for Scalable Near Neighbor Classification

R. Ñanculef, S. Lodi, C. Sartori

17.30-17.50 Internet of Smart Things: where machine learning meets embedded systems

M. Roveri

17.50-18.00 Discussion: The future of

Wed. 15 November 2017 - DAY 2

Session 3

11.00-11.20 Dictionaries for approximation of binary classification tasks by sparse networks

V. Kůrková, M. Sanguineti

11.20-11.40 Deep Learning in Semantic Kernel Spaces

D. Croce, S. Filice, G. Castellucci, R. Basili

11.40-12.00 Kernel-based activation functions for neural networks

S. Scardapane, S. Van Vaerenbergh, A. Uncini

Lunch Break

Session 4

16.30-16.50 Learning of visual invariances in convolutional networks

A. Betti, M. Gori, D. Zanca

16.50-17.10 Logic Tensor Networks for Semantic Image Interpretation

I. Donadello, L. Serafini, A. d’Avila Garces

17.10-17.30 Differential Privacy and Generalization: Sharper Bounds, Theoretically Grounded Algorithms, and Thresholdout

L. Oneto, D. Anguita

17.30-17.50 A theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Majority and Plurality Voting in Classification

L. Saitta

17.50-18.00 Conclusion Remarks