Maker Challenge

What is the Maker Challenge

Each month during the school year, we'll post a video with a challenge for learners to complete. It could be a problem that needs a solution invented, a material that you need to make something with, or something else that our creative minds come up with.

When you've completed the challenge, you can share your creation on Flipgrid and comment on other people's creations.

Though based in New Zealand, schools from all over the world are welcome to participate and share their creations and join the community.

For Educators

Anyone may participate in this activity, but to share your ideas on Flipgrid, an adult from the school will need to submit their domain (everything after the @ in their school email address). This allows the grid to be private and only accessible to those participating schools (and not the general public). Please email with the subject line: Access to Maker Challenge Flipgrid and you will be added as soon as possible.

For Learners

Any student or learner may participate in these challenges and add their thoughts to our Flipgrid. It doesn't matter if you're a New Entrant or even in University. The point of these challenges is to make and share and help each other.

To be able to share you need an adult to contact us and give you permission to post on our Flipgrid.

Remember when you're sharing your comments need to be:

  • Positive
  • Thoughtful
  • Helpful

(Only accessible to those who have applied - see above)