About me

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France.

My research focuses on behavioral aspects in evolutionary game theory. I am interested in the evolution of behavioral strategies and learning, especially, in the presence of inequality. Mostly, I want to understand how interplay of inequality and other mechanisms (such as information, decision-making policies, etc) affects the evolution of social behaviour.

Previously, I was a research fellow at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria and a visiting researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna in the group for Behavioral Economics "Insight Austria".

Email: maria.kleshnina [at] iast.fr



News and updates

October, 2022: In the academic year 2022-23, together with Peter Bayer, I am a provisional co-leader of the IAST Social Evolution Research Team.

August, 2022: next year is the 50th anniversary of evolutionary game theory. Christian Hilbe, Katerina Stankova and I are editing a special issue for the journal of Dynamic Games and Applications devoted to this important milestone. Check it out, we are looking forward to submissions!

July, 2022: our paper on "The effect of environmental information on evolution of cooperation in stochastic games" together with Christian Hilbe, Stepan Simsa, Krishnendu Chatterjee and Martin Nowak received Thomas Vincent Best Paper Award from the International Society on Dynamic Games and Applications.

May, 2022: our project on "Understanding the formation and success of groups through game theory and network science" together with Peter Bayer, Marion Hoffman, and Marijn Keijzer has been awarded an IAST Miltidisciplinary Grant.