Students Comments

CSI-340-01: Software Specialties

What do you like best about this course?

I really liked learning about the design patterns, as they solve a number of problems I have run into in my programming experience. Prior to this course, all of my programs would have high dependencies and be tightly coupled, but after seeing these design patterns, I am better able to understand how I can break up my code into manageable, less dependant portions. Ashton Allen - Fall 2018

Learning about the design patterns I think should be a requirement with in the CSI program. A lot of these as you learn about them become incredibly useful when designing your code. I have already used the ideas from these design patterns in some of my on personal coding projects. DB

Something I really liked about this course is how organized it was, one day of the week would be learning a new design pattern and the next day in the week would be implementing that design pattern in Java code and talking about how it worked in the class. MS