Topology intercity seminar Utrecht-Nijmegen

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Spring semester 2019: "Basic Notions"

This term we cover various basic notions. Unless specified otherwise, the talks take place at

10:30-13:00 in Room 610 (Hans Freudenthalgebouw, Budapestlaan 6, Utrecht)


  • February 15
            • Lennart Meier: Homology of free loop spaces
            • Brice le Grignou: Infinity-topoi

  • March 1
            • Jack Davies: Andre-Quillen homology and the cotangent complex
            • Mingcong Zeng: Complex-oriented cohomology theories and formal groups

  • March 22 (Nijmegen, room HG00.058, Huygensgebouw, time given in brackets below)
            • (11-12) Tommy Lundemo: Witt vectors
            • (13-14) Gijs Heuts: Adams operations and lambda-rings
            • (14.30-15.30) Steffen Sagave: Representation stability

  • March 29
            • Mingcong Zeng: Some things from the Green book - Part 1
            • Mingcong Zeng: Some things from the Green book - Part 2

  • April 12
            • Pedro Boavida: Configuration spaces on a triangulated manifold
Abstract: I will describe a model for configuration spaces (or, more generally, for the configuration category) of points on a manifold which is given in terms of a triangulation of the manifold. This gives rise to combinatorial descriptions for embedding calculus and associated spectral sequences, extending Sinha’s description when the manifold in question is the interval. Joint work with Pascal Lambrechts and Paul-Arnaud Songhafouou.
            • Hadrian Heine: Factorization homology

  • April 26
            • Magdalena Kędziorek: Tate cohomology
            • Ieke Moerdijk: Configuration spaces

  • May 3
            • Yuqing Shi: Dyer-Lashof operations
            • Jack Davies: Algebraic K-theory of finite fields

  • June 7
            • TBA
            • TBA

  • June 13-14 : Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine XIII, Utrecht