Award Nominations

2024: MPSE Golden Reel Awards: Publish or Perish 

2019: Heartland Emmy, Too Many White Teacups

2017 Utah Film Festival: Klocked 


Sound Design

Rent-a-Pal: "Sound design is also exceptional, highlighting clear creative direction and intent with the use of every noise, from the background static to the shunting and clunking of videotapes. Sound is a key aspect of understanding who David is, with subtle shifts in his link to the tapes presented through the clarity of the tape’s audio, which becomes clearer as David is increasingly captivated by what he sees. The sound design really shines during the film's climax to create a truly terrifying moment, backed by Folkin's unhinged presence, a sequence best experienced without any sort of spoilers."  

-Sabastian Astley, "The Digital Fix"

Rent-a-Pal:  "’s the way that the sound moves and changes in the film that works the best. Andy’s voice, in particular, is sometimes inside of and sometimes outside of the television, a device that unsettles you early on and starts you questioning almost from the start how much of Andy is real and how much is imagined. Shout out to the sound department of Aaron DelGrosso and Leslie Gaston for their work here."

-Alison Pitt, "Daily Star Trek News"

Interview Links


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Host: Matt Boudreau

Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS)

Hosts: Owen Peters, Owen Shirley

SoundGirls 8/18/2020

With Beckie Campbell and Susan Williams

With Bobby Owsinski

Twenty Thousand Hertz ( )

TBA 2021, Host: Dallas Taylor





Women in Sound 

February 12 2018 by Madeline Campbell

"Leslie Gaston Bird: Women In Audio"


March 5, 2020 by Jim Ottewill

January 1 2017

"Leslie Gaston-Bird – Audio Engineer"

"Mix Messiah – Leslie Gaston-Bird":

"AES Diversity and Inclusion Committee sets goals"

Resolution Magazine

October 2018 

Trade Articles Written by Leslie

Monitor Level Calibration - How To Undertake a Stop-Gap Monitor Calibration That Doesn't Trash Your Pro Tools Session, Pro Tools Expert

Piper Payne, Mastering Engineer, Sound on Sound

Foley across continents, Resolution Magazine V17.6

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Scholarly Articles Written by Leslie

2014 Gaston, L. et al (2014) Case study: University Recording Arts Program seeks to Educate, Engage and Recruit High School Students. Convention Paper TBA.  137t  h  Convention of the Audio Engineering Society.  Los Angeles.

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2008 Gaston, L et al. (2008) Methods for Sharing Stereo and Multichannel Audio among Planetariums. Convention Paper 7474.  124t  h  Convention of the Audio Engineering Society.  Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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2006 Gaston, L. (2006) Tactile Strategies and Resources for Teaching Multichannel Sound Concepts. Convention paper 6689.  120t  h C  onvention of the Audio Engineering Society . Paris, France.

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