Other than my work, I do a bunch of stuff

Why are we here exactly ? I mean seriously, why are we here ? I am not so sure about any of the answers which have been belched out from many quarters. So should we just stop asking these existential question, just because other people don't appreciate questions?

I guess not.

So question, read and analyze.

I have been an active participant in the Quizzing and Debating circuit of my city, having won multiple awards. The hunger for knowledge and a refusal to give in has acted as a constant driving force in my quest to know everything, so no knowledge can hurt me.

2nd Position at the India-Sweden Nobel Memorial Quiz, 2014

2nd Position at the event Udaan in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-KGP)

Award for outstanding result in High School, from the Government of West Bengal

1st Position at the National Conference on Nano Technology, Kolkata