Hygiene Rules

·    Anyone with medical issues that can present a health and safety issues cannot play (ie. women menstruating no vaginal sex. Anyone with incontinence issues, etc)

·    Both men and women should come trimmed or shaved and clean in all private areas.

·    Men & women need to clean themselves thoroughly between partners (gargle if you have performed oral) Clean your entire lower region after any type of contact. (The taste of condoms is not a turn on). We have showers, mouthwash plus other toiletries.

·    Men MUST use a new condom with each play partner. If you go in with a condom, make sure you come out with it.


·    Please note that if someone complains about your hygiene you will be asked to leave the party with no refund. So come clean and ready to play. Anyone who does not adhere to these rules will be removed from the party without a refund.