They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when you are searching for a bdsm provider sometimes you can't tell who is the real deal and who is the copy cat trying to fake it for a quick buck.  I 've had my ads copied word for word, but much of what I listed implies I have the equipment to follow through, hence, the creation of my inventory page.  Everything pictured is equipment I actually own.  Additional items are being added all the time so this list is by no means a complete, so if you have a question, just ask me by email.

 St Andrew's cross, spanking/bondage horse, 2 bondage spanking benches, bondage table, jacob's ladder, trampling board, inversion table, steel suspension beam, various spreader bars, numerous wrist & ankle restraints, padlocking restraints, electro A/C unit, mini violet wand, various style nipple clamps, vampire gloves, numerous sensory play items, various colors/temperatures of wax, full set Hegar urethral sounds, classroom area, exam room w/OBGYN exam table, cbt items such as a parachute, weights, electro ready humbler, electro ready gates of hell, silicone rings, slappers, pokey "cock sock", games I designed for cbt impact play, cbt pulley system, numerous collars & gags of many styles, gimp hood, straight jacket style bondage/confinment, full body bondage bag, numerous impact implements including paddles of wood, leather, resin, lexan, aluminum, polypropylene & rubber, several styles of leather riding crops, floggers including paracord, leather, & chain maille, leather martinet, leather cat o ten tails, 2 polypropylene sjamboks, 8ft & 6ft leather bullwhip, 4 ft paracord over/under whip w/leather popper, 3ft dragon tail whip, 3ft dragon tail whip, various sized canes of various materials including rattan, bamboo, delrin, lexan, pvc & aluminum, f-ing machine w/Doc Johnson style vac u lock adapter to accommodate any vac u lock style Doc Johnson dildo, anal hook, pear of anguish, and much, much more!!