Missouri Summit features...

Google for Education Certified Innovators,

Google for Education Certified Trainers,

and practicing administrators and teachers.

Here are some of the sessions you will see this year...

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Google 101

Creating with MyMaps!

How to train your Inbox

Harness the Power of Google Keep

GAFE DIY Search Engines & App Tools

Share Your World-Creating with Google Tour Builder and Tour Creator

Designing Learning Spaces to Support Learning with Google

Get Started with Google Sites!

Get Going with Google Classroom

Oh, the Things You (and your students) Can Create Using Google Slides (and Drawings)!

Coding for Education Majors: Getting Started with Google Apps Script

Google Forms - the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite for Edu!

G-Suite Tools to Differentiate Learning

A Whole New World (Google Expeditions)

Getting the most from Google Calendar

Coding Made Easy with Google CSFirst

SAMR and Google

Google Slides: More than Just a Slideshow

"Show-Me" a Hyperdoc!

Digital Science Notebooks using Google Science Journal

Explore Google Forms!

Teach Me How to Google in Math Class

Student Empowerment Through Google

Let Google Do It For You - Automate Your Own Workflow

Supercharge Forms & Sheets with Autocrat & Pre-filled Links

Fresh, Fast Feedback in G Suite

Empower Your Students with Shared Rubrics

Break-in to the BREAKOUT Craze

Creating More Meaning in the Elementary Math Classroom

Get Globally Connected with Google and more!

How We Gamified our Google Certification Training

Strategies for Streamlining Accountability

Google Podcast Studio