Letter "J" Week!

We had a fabulous week learning all about the letter “J,” the color black, the number “10,” and Saint Nicholas.

During the week the students practiced the formation of “J,” “j,” and “10,” many times!

The students learned “J” is a consonant and what sound the letter “J” makes. We also discussed many different words that begin with the letter “J” – one of them being, “Jesus.” The students love talking about Jesus, especially during the Advent Season.

On Monday, we lit the first candle on our Advent wreath and prayed to Jesus. We are all looking forward to Christmas, but it is important to remember, Jesus is the reason, for the season!

This week was also filled with many surprises and exciting news! Our classroom Elf came, Prayer Bear came back from another adventure, and we had a special visit from St. Nick!

On Monday, the students discovered we had a new friend join our classroom! We voted on a name and we decided “Buttercup” is the perfect fit! The students had so much fun searching for him everyday!

Our wonderful student, Maggie, took home our Prayer Bear for a fun adventure. Maggie told the class everything she did with Prayer Bear and shared the prayer she wrote with her family and Prayer Bear!

On Thursday, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day. The students put their shoes in the hallway and St. Nicholas came and left them a little treat! The students were so happy!

Christmas will soon be here, and I am so lucky to have so many amazing artists to help decorate my classroom and hallway! The students helped create Christmas lights, stockings, presents, and a tree!

Our school is having a “door decorating contest” and we had a blast making ours!

Pre-K 4 hopes you have a very “Handy Dandy” Christmas!

As always, even though letter “J” week is finished, I encourage you to point out words or ask your child what words they know that begin with “J.” I love when they come in and share new words they discover that begin with a letter we have already learned about.

The Christmas Season is quickly approaching and we want to make you aware of some important dates:

Friday, December 14th - Christmas Village will be held in Walker Hall. There will be opportunities for the children to shop for Christmas presents for their families, have them wrapped and to enjoy some special treats. There is even a rumor that a special visitor in a red suit may make an appearance.

Students may dress up in holiday colors for this special day! (No school uniforms)​

Thursday, December 20 - Pre-K Christmas Concert at 9:30. Parents and grandparents are invited to attend. More information coming soon. Classroom Christmas parties will be in the afternoon.

Friday, December 21- No School for Pre-K students! Merry Christmas😊

Check out the Class Calendar for November to see what topics we will be learning about next week

Stop by the Reminders Page to see important notes from Miss Dougherty!😊

Our class is filled with so much laughing, learning, and love💛