MIR Health & Hygiene Program

We care deeply about the well-being of our students, staff members, and community. We are committed to creating a safe, clean environment that minimizes risk, using the most well-developed advice of public health and facility experts. We are closely monitoring and applying procedural standards as provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the California and San Bernardino County Departments of Public Health.

Facts about COVID-19 from the CDC

Partners in Health

Mitigating the risk of spreading the virus and maintaining a safe environment inside the school, relies on all of us to do our part outside of school. Our partnership with you has never been more critical as we navigate a global pandemic.

We implore all of you to follow the health and safety guidelines laid out by health professionals worldwide:

  • Restrict your family’s exposure to large crowds.

  • Practice physical distancing and wear a mask in public.

  • Teach your children the importance of thorough hand washing.

  • Do not bring students to campus if they have been exposed to anyone who has COVID-19 or is exhibiting symptoms.

  • Take the school’s self-screening protocol seriously.

  • Be patient at arrivals and allow a safe distance between students when entering the school.

  • Follow CDC recommendations regarding travel and self-quarantine when returning from travel.

  • Report any information to the school that will assist us in maintaining a safe environment.

  • Be flexible -- our plans may change as the situation with the virus changes.

  • Stay informed by reading MIR news and announcements.

COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Team

MIR has a COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Team that has been operational since May 2020. This team writes and monitors our safety protocols, reviews cases of potential exposure to the virus, and monitors recommendations and guidelines from the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (SBCDPH) and San Bernardino County. The Head of School is designated as the primary contact for the SBCDPH for the COVID-19 pandemic.