Minsung Kim

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, where I work with Prof. Kyle Jamieson at the Princeton Advanced Wireless Systems (PAWS) Research Group

I study quantum and emerging computing systems for next-generation wireless networks (Quantum x Wireless). My dissertation research has been supported by Princeton University Graduate School & SEAS, NSF QENeTs Project, NASA ARC & USRA RIACS, D-Wave Systems, InterDigital, and Qualcomm.

I am a recipient of the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (North America), the Princeton SEAS Award for Excellence, and the Siebel Scholars Award (Class of 2024 Siebel Scholar). 


Princeton University, NJ            

M.A. & Ph.D. in Computer Science

Advisor: Prof. Kyle Jamieson

Dissertation: "Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Computation for Wireless Networks" (In progress)
FPO Committee:  Prof. Kyle Jamieson, Prof. Jennifer Rexford, Prof. Yasaman Ghasempour,
  Prof. Ravi Netravali, Prof. Lin Zhong (Yale), Dr. Davide Venturelli (NASA/USRA RIACS)    

2017 - 2023 (expected)

Korea University, Seoul                     

B.E. in Electrical Engineering with Great Honor

Advisor: Prof. Sangheon Pack


Stanford University, CA

Visiting Student, Electrical Engineering


Professional experience

Meta, PhD Software Engineer Intern (Summer. 2022), Systems and Infrastructure, Menlo Park, CA

InterDigital Communications, PhD Research Intern (Summer. 2021), R&I Department, Conshohocken, PA

Advisor: John Kaewell, Senior Principal - Advisor to CTO

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA

Advisor: Dr. Davide Venturelli, Research Scientist & USRA RIACS Quantum Associate Director 


(+: co-primary author)

M. Kim, and K. Jamieson, "Finer-Grained Decomposition for Parallel Quantum MIMO Processing" in IEEE ICASSP 2023, 5 pages, Special Session on Quantum Computing for Machine Learning and Signal Processing (Invited Paper).

[short paper, talk]

M. Kim, D. Venturelli, J. Kaewell, and K. Jamieson, “Warm-Started Quantum Sphere Decoding via Reverse Annealing for Massive IoT Connectivity," In ACM MobiCom 2022, 14 pages, acceptance rate: 17.8% (56/314).

[paper, talk]

M. Kim+, S. Kasi+, A. Lott, D. Venturelli, J. Kaewell, and K. Jamieson, “Heuristic Quantum Optimization for 6G Wireless Communications," In IEEE Network, 35(4) July/August 2021, 8 pages, IF: 10.693, (1 of 3 Invited Papers in 2021).

M. Kim, S. Mandra, D. Venturelli, and K. Jamieson, “Physics-Inspired Heuristics for Soft MIMO Detection in 5G New Radio and Beyond," In ACM MobiCom 2021, 14 pages, acceptance rate: 16.8% (19/113, summer deadline).

M. Kim, D. Venturelli, and K. Jamieson, “Towards Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computation Structures in Wirelessly-Networked Systems," In ACM SIGCOMM HotNets 2020, 7 pages, acceptance rate: 24.8% (30/121).

M. Kim, D. Venturelli, and K. Jamieson, “Leveraging Quantum Annealing for Large MIMO Processing in Centralized Radio Access Networks," In ACM SIGCOMM 2019, 15 pages, acceptance rate: 14.5% (32/221). 

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Technical Program Committee

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other experience

Undergraduate Internship, Department of Wireless Engineering, Korea Telecom (KT)

Winter. 2015

Intelligence Agent & Translator (Eng), Foreign Affairs Division, National Police

2012 - 2014