These are the BEST @#$ Brake pads you can get. I DON'T care what others use, or "Tell" you they love. BAR NONE THIS IS THE KILLER BRAKE PADS. Thank you Baxters Auto Parts! of Delta PARK!

Again THANK YOU TACOMA SCREW! These Bolts Are used to mate the engine "Flywheel" with the Torque converter.

These do die  fast at high voltage

Another amazon buy, that just did not work out. Not very bright and not very durable. Think it lasted 3 days.

You can see in this pick 2 killer things that keep that Tailgater at bay. Not only that, there are so many vans that have someone run into the back of it. So, I installed these extra LED lights in the back that serve as Turn signals, and Running lights in the back. These are also hooked up to a splitter so I can run both the side Turn signal running lights as well as the ones in the back.

There was enough room to install these right under the deck hatch, and the bumper. It looks great! Also, one of the lenses broke. BUT AND THIS IS WHY I LOVE THESE WALMART LED's! They are EPOXY covered and WATER PROOF! So no problems! And it still works GREAT! I wish the turn signals were Amber instead of Red, but they are not to bright on the turn signal either.. Only bad part of this kit.

Also in the Photo is the LASER Fog Lights. THis really does work very well to keep cars back a certain distance.

It lasted about 6 months in the harsh elements. What I think did it in was the laser itself just losing its OMPH. (Worn out) so I order 4 more from EBAY of so so quality, but for the price? GREAT DEAL.

These lasers are not really intended to be constant on. They are made for ON/OFF operation. In colder climates I don't think you will have any issues. However, in California, the hot days and sun really do a number on this unit.

Next modification is to try to replace the laser with better cooling, and install some lasers that say "STOP" I like the simple lines instead of the patterns that are offered.

I will be installing the othe 4 laser this week. One on the side so that people know that I am going into the other lane. As well as the 3 cameras for side view, and backup views.

Sorry about the S3 Cam, it does this on night shots. But this was in 2017. I bought Both the Walmart Side LED turn signal Lights. They Hook up via a Factory OEM Trailer Hitch Light connector that I installed from a Junkyard van. I have a splitter that so that I can run both this and the Rear lights as well. (Also a walmart GOLD BUY!) The lights work as turn signals, and running lights via a smart controller that comes with it. I have had ONE failure, and it was ALL my Fault. But fixed that. Still need to do a better job running these wires so they are out of the way under the car. I just did some repairs in 2018 just a few days ago from a wire that was torn do to stress.

Wheel well and Mudd Flapery

This is going to be the next place I am going to be adding LED's to the rear Mud flap. I have to get some sequential LED's that will fit in live here in this very harsh area. I will be selling these soon. I want to use some Fiber Optics in the area since those will have no problem surviving this harsh area. Wheel well lights Might be in the works, but i have not found any that really meet my aesthetic guidelines as long as keeping up with DOT codes.

These are HANDS DOWN one of the BEST LED lights to get at Walmart. As soon as I get a 5V USB supply able to to supply the regulated current needed and a a few 3.7v Lithium cells that I have tons of, this will be able to be charged of a USB plug! Pretty COOL huh!

Great light output! GREAT PRICE TOO!

"SpaCE VaN"

What is this part of the car called?

This is the Area that you can access the speaker, and also the trailer wire harness where I plan to take the back up feed. Here a Toner is a god send to find wires.

These speakers sound so good.. IF ONLY they did not distort so bad. Still looking for suitable replacements. These sound good but mechanical Resonance is HORRIBLE with these.

I planned to replace these with aftermarket speakers, but then could not find anything that had the right sensitivity and sound quality that I was looking for. I tried to replace these units but could not find one that just worked well with the front imaging. Also, I wanted to add some LED's here or something to spruce the area up. The Speaker is Crossed over at the 6x9 that is in the flank. I tired some JBL speakers, but the corrosover just makes the speaker sound horrible.

This is the stuff that is used to keep the speaker in place and also serves as Vibration resistance.

This is the Speaker that just does not have any HOPE of ever being HiFi. It just has to much Distortion, not due to power, but it just has so much distortion at its frequency band / Crossover point. Though it does do very well as a tweeter.

So, this is what the Speaker looks like, and well, I hope I find a good replacement that fits in this location.

THis is from a 300m, its a good speaker, and does not have the distortion issues, but just does not sound that good either.

This is new one I popped in. But still has the same distortion characteristics.

There was NOTHING I could do to save this speaker FOAM or the sound either. Tried to treat the cone, NO DICE

I have replaced these lights as of 2018 . The Walmart LED Pilot LEDs are fantastic! Also Upgraded the Sylvania LED lights up the side where it is clear. Below is the CRAP bulb that was there. NOW GONE!.

NOT WORTH IT. Get REAL LED's from Philips or Sylvania !


Sometimes, You are better off making sure you FIX it AFTER you buy it.. :-)

Would you wonder why this was having issues?

This would be better used in a Indicator or something.

Never EVER get water in your Front turn signals. Oddly, it was STILL WORKING!




Yea, I would do that here.

The nice thing is that these have that GREAT Amber look. However, I am only using these up front as running lights do the brightness, and the longevity. But DAMN do they suck up power.

STOCK bulb holder

I KNOW.. I KNOW.. I will fix it one day..

This is where I installed my new Drain hose.

Those HDD magnets WORK!

ONE DAY, I have to reseal this oil pan. Right around the time I rebuilt it again, or throw in a new tranny.

Make sure to clean any metal off from this. It helps with shifting.

Never saw a bad one in the wild. I found one.

The MOST expensive WASTE of MONEY EVER.

Not due to the product not being good. Having it leak out was just... OMG..

Since then, been using Gear oil. Working fine. Also forgot to install the filter. No problems so far with yearly oil changes.



This is another thing I had to replace. How this is suppose to handle more then a few amps Boggles the mind.

Well. You think it got hot?

Not a good walmart buy.

117 MPH


Replaced bumper.

The pump worked great. But. The Fuel gauge was FOOBAR so replaced the whole unit. Took about 3 months to get quiet again. Also replaced fuel filter.

This is NOT a MEME.

Safety FIRST




Amazing how Electricity and gas mix

This is how I made 6x9s fit in my front doors. Still have to do the todo the other side. I Really want more Midbass, so switching these for the Dynaudio Woofers soon.

For the Back up lights.

-HID backup Lights are the ONLY way to go. Bright, small package, and Better then most large unit LED Lights on the web. Going to be coupled with 120W H3 Bulbs.


Well I bought 2 of these, Only used one. THey did not fit right. But work so far as of 2018. Now time to replace the front axles.



Yea. That/.

This is the Transmission mount. Not a good idea to lose a bolt here. TRUST ME.

These were the best 5.25 inch speakers ever. And.. Some contractor stole them. Never trust a Taco Eater who masquerades as a Know it all.

F&%K that dude.

But really this is the drop in the best that you are going to get.

Can you tell these are worn. When they get this bad, there is NO hope.

If you ever find a HiFi replacement for these, let me know.

Looking Great. Now with MORE FLAIR

As of 2018, I installed some Chrome Piping, and it really made the side windows look great.