Mining is NOT the Ultimate Goal

Working Tutorial for Mining, Prioritizing, and Planning Software Requirements with Focus on Mobile Apps

From Mining to Planning

Next Generation of Release Decision Making for Software Products


The rapid growth of app stores and repositories has led to an increasing number of publications in app store analysis through data mining. A big portion of these studies is concerned with analyzing and prioritizing user requirements and planning for app releases. In this tutorial, we provide an overview of the state of the art of release planning and state of the art of app store mining and discuss the opportunities and challenges that researchers face in requirement engineering of mobile apps. Later, within an interactive session, we mine two exclusively new data sets of mobile apps and demonstrate the real implications of the state of the art studies we summarized. This tutorial fits all the students, faculties and practitioners who wish to get familiar with data analytics for release planning and app store mining.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017 (Full-day)


For whom?


This tutorial gives an overview of the studies in release planning and app store mining and shows the application of these studies on the real-world data sets. This tutorial is an opportunity for students who wish to explore this field of research and enhance their ability on mining and developing on top of the existing research.


Being involved in mobile app engineering and/or product management, this is an opportunity to connect to the latest and greatest research. You will get the opportunity to develop your own perspective on the useful methods in your context by experiencing on the real world data set and discussing novel methods in an interactive environment.

Faculty and Researchers

This is an opportunity to get an overview of this field of research, addressing new opportunities and challenges, discuss your ideas on this filed with other researchers. You can get your hands dirty with the actual data analytics and code (again) in an interactive and easy going fashion.


Morning session: State of the art and state of practice

  • Usage/interaction data
  • App store mining @ RE
  • Release planning @ Mobile apps

Afternoon session: Working tutorial for mining features and planning for app releases

  • Setup and introduction
  • Mining features from app descriptions
  • Mining features and requirements from app reviews
  • Analyzing user values
  • Release planning for an app


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