Minerva School 2018: Sociobiology and Sociogenomics

July 15-20, 2018

HaGoshrim, Israel

A workshop on the frontiers of social insect research with an emphasis on the application of omics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics…)

  • Phylogenomics and comparative genomics in the study of evolution of complexity and novelty
  • Transcriptomics and regulatory networks in the study of SocioEvoDevo and indirect genetic effects
  • Socio-physiology: hormones and neurons as links between genes and social behavior
  • Emerging molecular technologies: CRISPR-Cas, epigenetics, miRNAs, microbiomes

Lectures will be accompanied with hands-on tutorials on the omics data analysis and a field trip. The School is primarily targeted at graduate students and postdocs.