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My son's profile was chosen yesterday to be featured on the curated games section!!

He is VERY good at Scratch gaming and puts a lot of effort and diligence into his projects. His math has improved due to calculations he has to make for moving the objects in his games! Check out his profile at on Scratch Gaming!

Live Sub Count : ScratchGamingEDA12 vs. T-Series

Our World of Minecraft

This website is a place for my boys and me to share all our experiences (worth sharing) in our daily life as minecraft gamers and/or the mom of the minecraft gamers!! We hope you will stay tuned and check back with us often for more details on what types of tricks we've learned or tips the boys might have for you gamers interested in learning new things or sharing ideas and, of course, to check out our VIDEOS!

A while back we got the Xbox 1 (bye bye 360) and have already begun playing Minecraft on that, including various texture packs. Stay tuned for my boys to fill me in on which texture packs they have gotten (and some of them look super cool!)

We post our own pictures from the games the boys play as well as tips and tricks they have discovered and to make the content here a little bit richer, we've added a game news feed from Tell Tale Blog!

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We are Mom (Lesli), and sons (Christian and William) and like to call the great state of Texas our home!

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