As a researcher, I decided to join the boycott of Elsevier. However, I make some small personal modifications that I find reasonable. The first one is that I do not boycott in case that there will be a permanently open-access version available. This includes Arxiv, but any other repository is also fine for me. I even accept if the authors promise to make such a paper available after acceptance. This is legal by now, as Elsevier changed its policy.

As a second modification, I boycott only journal submissions. I consider conference versions as preliminary. I expect that the authors will pursue a journal submission and only for the review of the journal submission, I will boycott the review in case that the authors are not planning to upload an Arxiv version. My last modification is that I will boycott also other commercial publishers. I see little difference between Springer and Elsevier. I believe all research should be freely accessible.

You can find my name here:

If you plan to publish your papers maybe you want to consider first one of the following open access journals:

Journal on Computational Geometry

Theory of Computing:

Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications:

Discrete Mathematics and TCS:

Electronic Journal of Combinatorics:

Please let me know if you know of other open access journals in theoretical computer science.