Milltown Area Writers Group

Our Mission:

A group for writers to connect and support each other.

Get Connected:


Join us on Saturdays at the Milltown Library from 12:00-2:00 for our weekly write-in. (Remote option now available!)

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Connect with other members via our Milltown Area Writers Group on Facebook.

Weekly Share Sessions

Every Saturday before our write-in at the Milltown Library, we dedicate time for group members to share work and receive feedback.

If you are interested in signing up to share your work, please fill out the form below:

Photo Gallery:

Our first meeting and write-in at the Milltown Library!

Some of our Saturday crew after a great session!

Writing remotely from the Dominican Republic!

Writers of all ages, genres and experiences welcome!

Future writers joining in on the call and checking out our group!

Wrapping up our write-in on 10/22/22.

Being able to join remotely gives group members more options.


Contact Melissa for more information or to sign up to receive email digests about our group.

~Established August 2022~