Fighting a major project like the proposed Snoqualmie Mill development usually takes $20,000 to $30,000. With the city likely to act on the proposal this fall, it is urgent that we significantly step up our fundraising. Please consider what you are able to donate to help preserve our environment, and spread the word among others you know who care about the environment.

Click here to reach our GoFundMe donation page.

Site Hazard Assessment published

On August 20, 2021 the State of Washington Department of Ecology published a Site Hazard Assessment for the mill site. This assessment ranks the site as among the worst sites in the state for hazards to human health and environmental health.

You can read more details on our DOE Assessment page.

Final EIS Imminent

In late April, Snoqualmie's Director of Community Development announced that the Final EIS was expected to be published in May 2021. Since that time, we have been monitoring the city's legal notices every day. As of late August, the city still has not published the FEIS.

Once it is published, we will have 14 days in which to digest the entire huge document and then decide whether to appeal it.

Urgently needed:

  • Volunteers to review the FEIS

  • Donations to hire a land use attorney

The primary objective of this informational website is to spread awareness with factual, scientific and historical information about the potential environmental risks posed by the Snoqualmie Mill site. As a group, we advocate for a safe, healthy and sustainable future for the Snoqualmie Mill site.

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