FEIS Appeal Update

The appeal hearing was completed in early April, where we presented our evidence against the thoroughness of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).

Unfortunately though, the Hearing Examiner did not agree with our position and denied our appeal.

Although this was a disappointing decision, there are still many activities we will pursue as we continue to fight this development:

  • EPA Petition: We are escalating the Department of Ecology's Site Hazard Assessment to the EPA for additional oversight

  • King County Officials: We will continue engaging with key officials as the developer applies for permits

  • Snoqualmie City Council Meetings: We will continue to attend the City Council meetings to track their debate of the PCI Plan and Development Agreement

Public Hearing

The Snoqualmie City Council will be taking public comment on the Mill Site Development Agreement on Monday, September 12th at 7:00pm.

Please attend, speak or submit your feedback in writing to ensure the City receives the concerns from the public. Your voice matters!

Click here to go to the meeting information on the city website, including how to participate in the meeting on Zoom, in case you cannot come to City Hall for the hearing.

Click here to read the city's news release about the public hearing.

How You Can Help

If you want to take action and voice your concerns related to the Mill Site Development:

  • Snoqualmie City Council Meetings: You can attend the CC meetings throughout the summer to monitor the Council's debate on the PCI Plan for the site

  • EPA Petition: Fill out and submit your support of escalation to the EPA for additional oversight

  • Contact Your Local Officials: Let them know that the community cares and is concerned about proceeding with this development

  • Donate: We are working against the developer's deep pockets to fund our fight to protect the Snoqualmie River and our drinking water from contamination

For more ways to get involved, visit our Other Ways to Help tab

The primary objective of this informational website is to spread awareness with factual, scientific and historical information about the potential environmental risks posed by the Snoqualmie Mill site. As a group, we advocate for a safe, healthy and sustainable future for the Snoqualmie Mill site.

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