The Curriculum and Instruction Department in partnership with the Technology Department are pleased to provide this Parent Academy- Family Resources for Technology and Learning.

We thank the many Millburn Staff members who have created these videos specifically designed to support parents and students with the virtual learning experience!

Resources are being created on an ongoing basis.

These videos have been added to an unlisted Youtube Channel to provide the option for captions in English as well as other languages. Please use the video below for reference on how to activate closed captioning. Click on either Technology or Curriculum below to find specific videos for your needs. If you wish to view the entire playlist of all the videos, it is located below. Please note the inventory of videos will be updated regularly to meet your needs.

Accessing Closed Captioning on YouTube Videos

Complete Playlist of All Videos

Click the 3 lines with an arrow in the top right of the video on the left to see ALL the Parent Academy videos.

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