AP Biology

Are you a future AP Biohead? YOUR SUMMER ASSIGNMENT IS HERE. Have fun and see you soon.

Are you a teacher? Links to my whole curriculum (edits IN PROGRESS so it lines up with the 2019 CED) at the bottom of this page.

Hello teachers! In gratitude to the wonderful teachers who put stuff on the internet I deeply needed when I was starting out teaching AP Bio (I'm looking at you with thanks, David x 2, and also Ann / Bob / Cheryl / Sydney / Lee / Jen / Brittany and so many others), I've made most of my AP Bio curriculum public.

ALL ORIGINAL MATERIALS linked are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Have fun re-sequencing, re-mixing, and re-envisioning, but do not use these materials for commercial purposes.

  • Each curriculum map is a unit planner, showing the work we do in and out of class by standard. Our Bellwork / slideshows are linked at the top of each.

  • If a link on one of the curriculum maps linked below does not work for you, it's most likely because that resource is copyrighted, and I'm therefore not able to make it public.

  • This curriculum is always a work in progress, and I'd love to hear from you with feedback! Find my contact information by scrolling down here.

In addition to the assignments linked in the study guides, my AP Bio students complete a year of field experience assignments.

Check the course planner for the whole year or go by unit below:

Trimester 1: Being a "doer" of biology.

3 Cellular Energetics: slides / vocab (14-17 days, plus Tri 1 review)

Trimester 2: Communicating in science.

In 2019-2020, period 1 and period 2 will be doing some of these units in different orders.

5 Heredity: slides / vocab (7-11 days)

6B Gene Changes & Regulation: slides / vocab (14 days)

Trimester 3: Synthesizing big understandings in biology.

7 Natural Selection: slides / vocab (20-23 days total)

8 Ecology: slides / vocab (18-21 days)

9 AP Bio Exam Review