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Guillermo Escudero

His interest in the visual arts has been a part his life since He was a little kid. Originally from Argentina, he migrated to New York in 1991 working as a designer for a small theater in Queens, New York, designing and constructing sets for plays and designing and operating theatrical lightning for dance shows that his father directed and choreographed. In New York he would show his batiks and drawings of Tango scenes, his helping nature motivated him to help other artists to exhibit in galleries and libraries, setting up and advertising the shows. His visual and technical skills came into play when he moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he was fascinated by the beauty of the desert, this change of scenery inspired Mr. Escudero his interest in photography. His personal projects include a series of Missions and lightning that He had been working on for almost a decade now. Working in the photography business since 2001, Mr. Escudero noticed the absence of a place that would be targeted to photographers, exhibiting space and a creative space, where people would be able to come in, use a studio and also learn how to use it through the classes and workshops, as well as portfolio building shoot-outs. The creation of Milagros was the answer to those needs in the Tucson community. Through social media and advertising Mr. Escudero is trying to connect and open the doors to a space that brings creative photographers and talented individuals that want to improve their knowledge in the photographic field, as well as showcasing the local talent.

Benjamin J. Vidal

In place of a formal training in photography, I have learned from painstaking trial and error, driven by my insatiable hunger to show the world what I see. I think that taking a photograph is like digging for diamonds. My mind's eye is like a shovel that I use to dig past the insecurities and false ideas that hinder people’s true beauty and magnificence from shining through—the things that people don't see in themselves or in their loved ones. I feel there is nothing more beautiful than photographing someone and capturing the emotions and intangibles unique to their personality. I love people. Everyone is a masterpiece in their own right, and my camera is the paintbrush that reveals their unique art and their beauty. I believe that photography is in my blood. One morning in April 2011, while having breakfast with my father, he revealed that he too wanted to be a photographer when he was young. However, making ends meet for his family came first, and when he was drafted during WWII, that dream eventually took a backseat to reality. He told me this in Spanish: "It's funny how things work out. My dream became your reality without me saying a word until now." He was 85 when he told me this. He may have never picked up a camera, but I believe he read about photography in the navy. One thing he said that has always stuck with me is this: "Photography is a long dreamy waltz with light...be gentle and show her respect and she will never let you down.”

Paul J. Kitzmiller

Mr. Kitzmiller was introduced into photography at an early age when his father gave him his first camera a 35mm Mamiya Sekkor SLR. His interest in photography led him to enroll in photography school at Colorado Mountain College. Later he started working at Mike's Camera shop in Colorado, in 2001 he moved with his wife to Tucson, where he started working as a salesman at Greg's Camera Shop. In 2013 He took possesion of the camera shop, where he tutors and teaches people how to use their camera, helping bring workshops and keep the interest alive in Tucson into photography. He has worked together with Tucson Rodeo, The Desert Museum and Tohono Chul Park, organizing events where people can use their cameras and get help with their photography. His work in the community has been recognized numerously by prestigious institutions and his knowledge and talent is a great addition to Milagros Photo Studio and Gallery. His main passion is Black and White and landscape photography, some of his work can be seen at Greg's Camera and at Milagros Gallery.