• All-inclusive Productions (Turnkey services)

Pathos Music accepts the responsibility for production, scheduling and budgeting, and ensures that these are carried out and fulfilled as consistent with the goals set up by the client. Productions can comprise of whatever services needed. The projects are invoiced in advance with a fixed amount, which includes all services agreed upon.

    • Orchestrations and arrangements

This is where the magic happen. The scale of services includes everything in between small string quartets and larger than life, full-scale symphonic Hollywood-orchestras. Productions can be carried out with either computer-aided virtual orchestras or real musicians, or by combining these together. Everything is delivered on ready-to-mix tracks. Invoicing per song and by the resources needed.

    • Composing, ordered musical pieces, commercial-, film- and game music

Tight schedules and upbeat working is the normal business of the business. I'm accustomed to racing against the clock and under big pressure, yet able to deliver world class film- or game scores in the needed style or atmosphere. Invoicing as agreed.

    • Mixing

If you want world class sounds on your recordings, this is the service you want. Customer delivers the tracks and the mixing is invoiced per numbers of album tracks to be mixed. It is advisable to purchase the editing services as well, if you are unsure of whether you have the capability to edit the tracks properly etc.