We have been dreaming about that day that we would be able to automate everything just by pressing a few buttons. Today, we are once more one step closer to that dream. You are now made capable to time your gates. You can now also program the time periods that your gate operator will open or close. The Gate1® WIFI gate opener system (for example: MIGHTY MULE MM260 ) app can keep your gate open for long periods of time avoiding the wear and tear of constantly having to close and open your gates again and again. Security is very important to families nowadays which is why the became a great addition to every home's security system. The timer feature could hold up to 10 program settings that can be based on your family requirements. It is also capable of locking out the use of the operator for security purposes during the night or at times that nobody is expected to enter your premises.

The Gate1® WIFI Gate APP uses a feature under the smart scene menu to setup your predetermine times to open or close your gate and saving the need for and external mechanical timer. It is very easy to install because the guide that is included is very easy to understand. Out of the box, if you can follow instructions, you will be able to have this incorporated into your security system within a very short period of time Compared to other gate timers, Gate1® WIFI Gate APP understands the value of quick and easy installation. It is still best though to have a professional install it into your system if you are not confident with your skills. Whether it is a home or a business, the Gate1® WIFI Gate APP is going to be a very good investment to make. It is not that pricey compared to other WIFI gate opener APPS in the market with similar capabilities. It is a fairly priced device and is also very easy to find online. Deciding to get this device shouldn't be difficult for people who values security that can be customized based on their ever-changing needs. If you feel you need that extra protection that would help you worry less about your business or home, the Gate1® WIFI Gate APP is for you Having a gate timer would save you from the effort and the constant thought about your home and business establishment. Since you could also program it as to when you need your personnel to enter your premises, you'll worry less about having unwanted guests evading your privacy.

This product was made with your needs, security and privacy in mind. Hesitation is the primary enemy of self-defense. With this thought shared, it is still much better to work on making our homes and/or properties more secure than having to deal with the consequences in the end. Take that extra step to make your home or business a more secure environment even when you are not around by installing a Gate1® WIFI Gate APP. The things that it will be able to add to your property's value and security will be well worth it