Who We Are?

The Midwest Victory Rally started as an offshoot of the VMC's North Central Regional Rally that was based in various locations throughout the Midwest. Members of the River Cities Victory Riders (RCVR) and the Central Iowa Victory Riders (CIVR), both Victory Motorcycle Club (VMC) North Central regional chapters, proposed moving the event to De Soto, IA, home of Rylan's nationally acclaimed "The Vic Shop". Thus the 2019 Midwest Victory Rally was born.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for Victory enthusiasts and the vendors who support our brand to come together and socialize in the heart of the USA!

Is this a Victory Motorcycle Event Only?

No, all brands, makes, and models are welcome at this event. Many vendors present support multiple brands of motorcycles.

Is this a Polaris corporate event?


Do I have to register?

While we don’t require registration to attend, we do require registration for the t-shirts, patches, rides, bike show and the Saturday evening supper. Pre-registration allows us to determine how much stuff we need to bring. Please see the registration page for registration costs and deadlines. Early Bird Registration Discount ends February 28, 2019! You can click the button below to take you to the registration page.

Do I have to be a member of the VMC to attend?

Our only requirement is that you have a passion for Victory Motorcycles and/or motorcycles in general. However, the two clubs, working with Rylan at "The Vic Shop" who are sponsoring this event are all members of the Victory Motorcycle Club (VMC). VMC members do receive a discount on registration to this event.

What is the Victory Motorycle Club (VMC)?

The Victory Motorcycle Club was founded in 1998 by Victory Owners, to promote ridership and brotherhood amongst Victory motorcycle owners world-wide. The Victory Motorcycle Club is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization and donations are not tax-deductible. The majority of its yearly operating budget, which comes from member's dues, is used to support national and regional events (e.g., MWVR). You can join the VMC by going to www.thevmc.com.

Can I get a refund on my registration?

Email a refund request to rcvrclub@gmail.com. The date we receive the request is the date we will use for the refund guidelines listed below:

Refunds requested up to April 27, 2019 will be your full submitted registration amount minus a $5 (USD) processing fee (registration - $5.00 processing fee = your refund).

Refunds requested from April 28, 2019 until May 7, 2019 will be 50% of your submitted registration amount minus a $5 (USD) processing fee (50% of registration - $5 processing fee = your refund).


  • We will ship your Rally items to you if requested.
  • Your request for shipping must be made no later than June 8, 2019.
  • Shipping of any items to you will be at YOUR EXPENSE!
  • Your payment for shipping must be received by June 15, 2019.

What does TTWFO stand for?

"'til The Wheels Fall Off". This is a saying that many in the RCVR, and other VMC groups, use to say that we love our Victory motorcycles and will ride them forever!