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This site is devoted to fishing many of the rivers in the Upper Midwest with particular emphasis on fishing for smallmouth bass in the rivers of Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are a large variety of rivers in this region that are hosts to these bronzebacked beauties. Often, the only way to access many of these remote regions is by wading these streams, or floating or paddling them with a canoe or kayak. The opportunity to explore these "skinny waters" gives the river angler the chance to get back to nature and enjoy the solitude and adventure that only river fishing can produce.

While I may have not actually fished many of these rivers, I enjoy doing exhaustive research, mostly via the internet, where I read about the rivers, explore fishing reports, and look closely at online aerial maps to determine potential fishing excursions. Information about each river section may include: Access and take out points for river trips, river mileage, calculated river gradient, and estimated distances and times for bicycle or vehicle shuttles. Maps and other fishing information such as location of river gauges to determine river flows, and nearby commercial shuttle and rental services may also be provided to give anglers the information they need to plan their next fishing adventure in these areas. In addition, the character, landscape, and history of the river may be included to give the angler a better understanding of the river before visiting the area.

The river angler has the option to paddle their vessel and take out at the same spot they put in. If this is done, it is suggested that they paddle upstream first as far as they wish, and then float back to the take out point to avoid getting fatigued and not having the energy to return to the take out point against the river's current. If you wish to float a river, you may want to consider using a shuttle system. The shuttle links included with each suggested trip will bring you to a map which shows the segment of the river that is covered in that trip.

The rivers of the Upper Midwest can provide an angler with a unique opportunity to get back into the wild, explore new areas, and hook in and fight these fish into your net. In order to preserve this fishery it is suggested that all fish caught be safely released.

Speaking of safety, river fishing comes with its own risks. Visit the Water Safety page for things to consider when fishing rivers.

This website was put together to help myself, and other anglers, have river information readily available in one location for many of the rivers in the Midwest. Unfortunately, some websites and Facebook page owners must feel threatened by me giving out FREE information to other anglers. For those who do not wish me openly share this information with other anglers I then prohibit them from viewing or sharing the URL of this website with others.


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