Middle School



"The Mission of Christ the King School is to provide an excellent education in a Catholic community of love and care; to foster respect for self and others; and to nourish a life long devotion to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.".

About Me

I have been an educator for the past 21 years, teaching in Colorado, New York, and Vermont. 

 I love spending time adventuring in nature,  playing sports, traveling, and doing service learning projects with my family.

 I am looking forward to teaching Middle SChool English this year at Christ the King!

Scope and Sequence

Vocabulary- Quizzes (Defintions, Parts of Speech, Use in Sentence, Antonyms & Synonyms) 

        *Every Friday for 6th and 8th.      *Every Thursday for 7th

      *I will let students know otherwise (certain circumstances/schedules) *

Editing Paragraphs

Grammar Practice/Grammar Rules

Reading Passage Analysis-predictions, inference, supporting evidence, three types of connections, different types of conflict, plot diagram, conclusions

Journal Writing-Respond to Given prompts on Fridays

Formulating Well Written Paragraphs and Essays

Poetry Analysis and Writing

Students will learn different types of figurative language to enhance their writing. Figurative language helps students to be more descriptive, creative, and detailed. We will also be analyzing poetry, photos, videos, songs, and advertisements. When students observe, make inferences, and dissect evidence, their writing becomes more interesting. Students will also be creating numerous writing/art pieces (poetry, essays) related to many diverse topics.