Mid-semester Feedback

Fall 2019

MIT Undergraduate Association, Office of the Vice Chancellor, Teaching and Learning Lab

The collection of mid-semester, formative feedback from students is an extremely effective way to gain targeted and specific information from students about what aspects of the subject support their learning and which aspects hinder (or do not support) their learning.

  • Mid-semester feedback is intended solelyfor the instructor for the purpose of improving student learning.
  • Instructors can make considered decisions about potential changes to the subject in response to the student feedback
  • The act of providing feedback to instructors prompts students to reflect on their learning in the subject and to consider how their own behaviors in the class are impacting the learning process.

What to Ask Yourself

  • What do you really want to know about student learning in your subject?
  • When and how often do you want to collect this information?
    • Mid-semester feedback is best solicited before the midpoint of the semester. If your subject has 2 midterms you may want to solicit feedback after students have received feedback on the first midterm.
  • How will you collect this information?
    • In class using a paper feedback form;
    • In class using an on-line survey/feedback form;
    • Out of class using an on-line survey/feedback form.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Return rates are higher if information is collected during a class period, although sufficient class time must be allocated for this process. It is strongly recommended that, no matter what the form of the evaluation, the feedback collected should be anonymous.
  • Staff from the Teaching + Learning Lab (tll@mit.edu) are available to help you develop a feedback form or strategy that addresses your teaching needs and to help you process and implement feedback.

Note: Some MIT faculty and instructors already solicit and use feedback from their students throughout the semester via MUD cards, exit tickets, and/or their own mid-semester feedback surveys. Examples of MUD cards and exit tickets are included for reference. The other templates are focused specifically on facilitating mid-semester evaluations and can be readily incorporated into any subject.