Micro Magic Suppliers

A quick word about ordering from RC-Zeilen, the Dutch supplier

    • RC-Zeilen and its owner, Rudi, has always been honest, reliable, and timely in my many dealings with him. That said, the on-line ordering procedure is obscure, and not well documented. Here’s what you do:
      • Switch the language to English at the top of the menu. Note that all prices are in Euros. Pick out what you want to order and put it in your shopping cart. Then go to the shopping cart and press order. When you get to the country list, choose the 000000000000 option, then complete as far as you can and Rudi will send you an email (usually the next day) with how much item plus shipping will be. Then you pay with PayPal using PayPal straight, not from the RC-Zeilen website (remember to choose to pay in Euros), and he'll ship your items. They come pretty quickly.

Finished Boats

Boat Kits


Mark 1 Rudder

Mark 1 Keel Fin and Mark 2 Keel Bulb




Batteries and Chargers

Transmitters and Receivers

Transport Boxes and Sailbags

    • From Ron Stephanz and Dick Azzam
      • Flambeau Compound Bow Case (#6460SC)
        • Amazon
      • Sail Case (actually for RG65s, but works fine.)
        • HobbyKing

Other Parts


Download full list HERE.

Last Updated: 5/23/17