The main researchers involved in this website are as follows:

Dr Ilya Maclean (Senior Lecture in Natural Environment, University of Exeter) is an applied ecologist researching the consequence of environmental change on species, communities, and ecosystems. I develop theory and obtain empirical evidence to examine (a) the effects of climate and land-use change on biodiversity, particularly in wetland systems, (b) the role of microclimates in acting as refugia, (c) ways in which management can offset the effects of environmental change and (d) conservation strategies that help species cope with climate and land-use change. I am committed to finding practical solutions to environmental problems and work closely with local, national and international policy-makers and practitioners to achieve this.

Dr Richard Gunton (Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Leeds) is a researcher in plant and landscape ecology at the University of Leeds. My current work centres on SCALES, an EU-funded project concerned with the distribution of biodiversity in Europe across different spatial scales. The overall aims are to secure the conservation of more wild species and communities by improving our understanding of where diversity is found and how it depends on the variation in species’ distributions across landscapes. More generally, my interests are in the structure and functioning of plant communities – see BIOGRAPHY. Current news: I will soon be accepting commissions for statistical analysis on a freelance basis. Please contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

Dr Jonathan Mosedale (Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter). Having previously completed research on how oak wood influences the maturation of wines and spirits, I am currently looking at the potential implications of climate change for the Cornish wine industry. I have worked as a Statistician and Senior Policy Adviser within the Department for Transport, working on science and technology policies to improve transport security and information management. A minister in the Church of England, I am also interested in the relationship between science, culture and religion, particularly how it shapes the way we value and perceive the natural world. I am also a member of the Biosciences department in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Dr Andrew Suggitt (Research Fellow, University of York) is a hard-working ecologist with a passion for delivering the scientific evidence that is required to protect wildlife from the threats and challenges of the modern world. I have researched these threats (climate change, habitat loss) across a variety of spatial and temporal scales, and for a rich variety of taxa: from species-specific studies to multispecies, ‘big data’ analyses of thousands of species. I am always open to new projects, collaborations or discussions.

Dr Jon Bennie (Lecturer in Physical Geography, University of Exeter). My research often focuses on issues of spatial scale in the biosphere, and addresses two key questions: (i) how do drivers of change that are occurring at a global scale (e.g. climate change, habitat fragmentation, light pollution) affect plant and animal species at the finer scales of the individual or population – i.e. how does global environmental change scale down to the local level?; and (ii) how do physiological or behavioural responses to environmental change at the level of the organism affect ecological systems at higher levels of ecological complexity – i.e. how do individual effects scale up to determine the persistence and dynamics of populations and metapopulations, community stability and geographical species distributions and global patterns of biodiversity?

Dr Robert Wilson (Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology, University of Exeter) is a conservation biologist interested in the responses of biodiversity to environmental change. My research to date has mainly focused on the effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on the conservation of butterflies, with a particular interest in the distributions and dynamics of species near their geographic range margins. I am a member of the Environmental Biology group at Streatham Campus. I was formerly based in the Ecology and Conservation research group and collaborate closely with colleagues at Penryn Campus.