Michelle Lynn Cangelosi

About Michelle Lynn Cangelosi

Having worked in the charity, governmental, and educational sectors for more than two decades, Michelle Lynn Cangelosi is a seasoned senior executive. Cangelosi specializes in establishing and maintaining partnerships with a wide range of public and private sector organizations in the fields of international relations, water and sanitation, program administration, and partnership negotiations. Heifer International's Vice President of Transformational Philanthropy, Cangelosi currently lives in The Villages, Florida.

Until May of 2021, Michelle was employed by Heifer International. She oversees the development and implementation of foundation giving and large contribution initiatives as the Vice President of Transformational Philanthropy. In order to combat hunger and poverty, Heifer International works with rural communities around the world to assist families establish sustainable food and farming businesses. Over the course of its history, Heifer International has served approximately 40 million families in more than 125 countries by providing livestock and education. It presently has programs in 21 countries and helps around 1 million agricultural families every year to reduce the income gap.

In her role as a philanthropist, Cangelosi has a profound understanding of multi-stakeholder involvement, corporate development, international relations, and strategic collaborations. For Cangelosi, creating genuine, mutually beneficial relationships is the key to her success as a Vice President of Heifer International, but it has also accelerated her career.