Michal Bauer

I am an Associate Professor of Economics, at CERGE-EI (a joint workplace of Charles University, Prague and Czech Academy of Sciences) and at the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University in Prague. I am also affiliated with IZA, CEPR and CESIfo.

My research spans behavioural economics, development economics and experimental economics. The unifying motivation is to shed light on “behavioural” mechanisms that may contribute to pressing social issues, including poverty, discrimination and violent inter-group conflicts. To do so, my collaborators and I conduct field experiments in relevant settings, often in disadvantaged communities. 


Communicating doctors' consensus persistently increases Covid-19 vaccinations  Published in Nature

We show that (i) people massively underestimate the doctors' trust in the vaccine and (ii) correcting misperceptions about the views of doctors increases the vaccine take-up by 4 p.p.

Our paper on how to fight misperceptions and vaccine hesitancy in 7min entertaining video

English version here.

Czech version is here.

Teaching materials for high schools (in CZ).

Shifting punishment on minorities. Published in the Economic Journal

The paper provides evidence of scapegoating - people's tendency to shift punishment on innocent members of the Roma minority.