Our Species List

My fiancée wife (Katherine Silliman) and I maintain a "Couple's Species List", which is a list of all of the organisms that we have identified together. Our list has four rules:

1) We have to see the organism together.

2) The organism must be alive.

3) The organism cannot be enclosed (e.g., at a zoo) and cannot have a label (e.g., trees at parks with names).

4) We have to identify the organism ourselves (i.e., no external help).

Our goal is to hit 1,000 species by the time we reach our 10th anniversary. Rule #4 is kind of a drag given the crowd we associate with, so we're open to suggestions on that front.

The point of the list (at least for me) isn't to rack up as many species as possible... it's to encourage us to appreciate the diversity of life around us (together!). Identifying an organism to the species level often requires close inspection, so you really get an appreciation for the nuances.

I figure the list can also serve as a sort of "amateur" guide to the regions we've visited since most of the species we identify are fairly common. The third sheet of the spreadsheet has links to albums of pictures we've taken of some of the organisms we've identified. See if you can match them up ;)!

Below is a list of resources that we've found particularly helpful.