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The assistance of a lawyer in case of an accident includes counseling for pedestrians and drivers, analysis of documents on a specific accident. The specialist will familiarize himself with the case materials and develop a client protection position. Other functions that an accident lawyer takes on include:

  • preparation and filing of applications, complaints, petitions;
  • appeal against unlawful court decisions;
  • negotiations on compensation for damage by insurers;
  • client representation in court, insurance companies;
  • an assessment of the severity of personal injury or vehicle damage.

Accidents on the roads, officially bearing the name of an accident, unfortunately, are a very common occurrence. The assistance of a lawyer in road accidents is in demand already at the scene of the incident, as well as during the course of the proceedings. The qualified help of competent specialists allows you to save both nerves and time. We will do everything in our power to solve the problem in your favor.

Our experts are ready to help you challenge the guilt in the event that you are accused of an offense with administrative responsibility for drunk driving, if you are charged with driving a vehicle without appropriate documents, speeding, etc.

The help of a lawyer in an accident can effectively solve the issue of compensation for moral and material damage in an accident. Appealing administrative protocols from the scene of an accident, representing your interests, assisting in the return of a driver’s license is far from a complete list of the services we provide in this area. Our Miami accident lawyers have considerable experience in resolving this kind of issue, which is the key to success in any case. If necessary, professional advice from a lawyer of our company is also able to provide considerable assistance in the process of resolving certain issues related to accidents. We are ready to come to your aid at the first signal.

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