The METS Group

Michigan Educational Technology Specialists


The Michigan Educational Technology Specialists group supports education professionals in Michigan whose role focuses on the effective integration of education technology through professional development, consultation, and classroom modeling. The METS Group facilitates communication and collaboration among our network both virtually and face-to-face.

The METS Group: Goals

    • Build capacity of local educators to integrate technology to effectively promote learning

    • Provide continuous outreach and mentoring for educational technologists in Michigan

    • Inform METS Group members of latest updates in educational technology innovations, news, and learning opportunities

    • Facilitate communication and collaboration amongst METS Group members

    • Provide professional development focused on the needs of METS Group members

    • Increase local representation on METS Steering Committee to ensure strong representation of local district needs

    • Promote REMC initiatives and projects

We maintain a Facebook group and vet every new member request to join. If you're interested in joining the G+ group, the easiest way for us to confirm you're real is by filling out our Membership form! It's free, easy, and helps us stay connected.


2020-2021 Leadership Team

Coordinator: Daniel Mares

Budget: Stacy Sanders

Communications: Kerry Guiliano

Membership & Outreach: Vacant

Event Chairs

Fall Rally: Maureen Young and Kerry Guiliano

Winter Virtual Rally: Vacant

Idea Slam (Spring Event): Vacant

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The METS Group is sponsored by the REMC Association of Michigan.