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Come join Ms. Hanlie in a well-planned music class for babies and toddlers.

Gentle, rhythmical, predictable movement with music provides vestibular stimulation to the young developing brain.

Early exposure to music has been proven to encourage more

new neural connections to form.

"Ms. Hanlie, thank you, you will always be Jack's first music teacher!" - Simon, Ancaster, Ontario

"Thank you Ms. Hanlie, I can see the tremendous difference music class has made for Allie." - Terry in Burlington, Ontario

Jacoba Combrinck started playing violin at the age of four and piano at the age of five.

She is a classically trained pianist. Her early childhood music students know her as Ms. Hanlie. Ms. Hanlie has taught early childhood music since 2015, in the Oakville/Burlington area at her own studio and for two pre-school programs. She has performed in the Greater Toronto Area since 2015, for audiences of all ages. She is known for her classical mash-ups and gentle arrangements. Ms. Hanlie is a member of SOCAN and her original works are Streaming Free Here. Her music has been used in music wellness sessions and early childhood music settings. Ms Hanlie also holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and works for a medical software company, when she's not playing music!

We're not commercially driven. We are motivated by our love of music. In 2020, we are converting to a Non-Profit organization.

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