Merry Mozart

Music Class for Young Children

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How do we develop a love of music in our kids from a young age?

How do we boost their developing brain?

Ms. Hanlie is a classically trained pianist and violinist, who performs with the musical kids in class.

Hanlie started playing the violin at age four and piano at age five. She has taught early childhood music, and performed in the GTA since 2015.

She completed early childhood music training in 2015, is a member of SOCAN and her original compositions have been published world-wide.

Why are we different? Live performance. We don't simply rely on canned recordings.

We provide our affordable classes as a community service.

Our classes are ideal for children from 6 months to 4 years.

WebShow Wednesdays!

A free short program for busy parents or daycare moms.

Why Music? Because early exposure to music encourages the young brain to make more connections.

Weekly starting August 2019, join any time.

WebShow Videos published weekly to our Youtube Channel.

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Our daycare providers love the class.

"Loving the class and I think the parents love it too. All of my clients are teachers.

One is an English teacher and I told her about you reading poetry."

- Tracy S in Oakville, Ontario

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Oakville: at St. Luke’s Community Centre Dundas/ValleyRidge Drive

call or text

+1 (289) 400-9933

Instagram: @merry_mozart

Youtube: MerryMozart

Come chat on Discord: MerryMozart

We're not profit-driven. We are motivated by our love of music.

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Merry Mozart Music is a unique Children's Music Program in Halton and Mississauga, Ontario with live music in every class.

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