Tim Mercil

A seasoned adventure enthusiast seamlessly merging technological expertise with exhilarating escapades spanning over two decades. With a wealth of experience as a snowboarding instructor and a specialist in adaptive skiing, I am committed to delivering unforgettable outdoor experiences. Join me in exploring the lakes, conquering the slopes, and embracing the wonders of nature, as we embark on thrilling adventures together. 

Lacey Mercil

An accomplished AASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor, whose passion for adventure extends from the slopes to the waves. With her expertise on the slopes and in the water, she seamlessly transitions between snow-covered mountains and sun-kissed lakes. Beyond her adventurous pursuits, Lacey excels as a marketing professional, skillfully blending creativity and strategy to leave a lasting impact. Join her as she carves up the snow, rides the waves, and crafts captivating narratives that inspire and excite.