Frequently Asked Questions

What is MentorMeEdu?

MentorMeEdu is a virtual mentoring program that seeks to address new teacher attrition. 50% of new teachers leave the teaching profession within their first 5 years of teaching! This affects communities, schools, and most importantly, students. They are left without a highly qualified, passionate, excited, innovative educator that could impact their lives and potentially be the person that changes the trajectory of their futures!

As an excited, new teacher, why should I consider requesting a virtual mentor through MentorMeEdu?

As a new teacher, you will more than likely become a part of the New Teacher Orientation program either in your school district or at your school. You will probably also receive a content specific mentor that will aid you in ensuring you are on the right track as a new teacher. MentorMeEdu does not look to become "something else for you to do," but rather to serve as a supportive outlet to keep you engaged and excited about the reason why you decided to enter the teaching profession!

As a passionate, veteran teacher, why should I consider becoming a mentor through MentorMeEdu?

Being a veteran teacher, you know the struggles that new teachers face with everything they have to balance at once! This can be extremely overwhelming for a new teacher! My hiring principal always used to tell me that, "To whom much is given, much is required! I firmly believe that once someone masters something, they have a responsibility to share it with others! You, being a passionate veteran teacher, have something to share with a new teacher that will impact them positively, make them feel supported and valued, and keep them energized to remain in the teaching profession!

Once I become a part of MentorMeEdu, how long will I be a part of the program?

MentorMeEdu provides a year long framework that will provide direct support through the program for one year. It is the belief that during that year, a relationship/mentorship will have been formed between the new teacher and the mentor that will last throughout the new teacher's educational career! If there is a desire for the framework to go beyond a year, MentorMeEdu will consider lengthening the formal experience.

What are the requirements to become a part of MentorMeEdu?

New teachers:

  • A desire and passion to grow and share.
  • Opening up with your mentor and being vulnerable.
  • Being receptive of constructive feedback fro your mentor.
  • "Meeting" with your mentor monthly.
  • Access to technology to communicate with your mentor.


  • A listening ear and willingness to help a new teacher grow.
  • A passion and excitement for the field of education.
  • "Meeting" with your new teacher monthly.
  • Access to technology to communicate with your new teacher.

What will I be involved in while I'm a part of Mentor Me?

As a part of MentorMeEdu, once you are matched with your new teacher/mentor, you will take part in a welcoming webinar to go over expectations for the program. From there, the new teacher and mentor will "meet" monthly (via Google Hangouts Meet) to not only touch base, but to cover the monthly focus provided by MentorMeEdu. It is also expected that the new teacher reach out to their mentor at any time during the program should they have a question, to share any success or opportunities that they may be experiencing while teaching. On the other side of that, the mentor should touch base with the new teacher to ensure they feel valued and supported and on track with their goals.

How will I be matched with my mentor/veteran teacher?

MentorMeEdu will use the information provided in the interest form to match new teachers with their mentor. It is critical that you be very detailed and provide specific information for what you are looking for when filling out this form so we provide you with the best match!

If I complete the interest form am I guaranteed a mentor/new teacher?

The matching process is based 100% off of interest and availability of new teachers and mentors available at the time that matching occurs. It is possible that there will not be enough new teachers or mentors to be matched, however, we will do our best to ensure that EVERY new teacher that completes the interest form will indeed receive a mentor.

Is MentorMeEdu open to new teachers and mentors outside of the United States?

Due to language and time zone barriers that may exist with educators outside of the United States, if there is interest from a new teacher and a mentor that we know would make a perfect match, we will match them!

I'm interested, now what?

Great! Head on over to the "New Teachers" or "Mentor Teacher" tabs at the top of this site and fill out the interest form! We will be in contact shortly with next steps along the MentorMeEdu journey!