Mens Twilight League

First Half Flight Winners

Colwell Flight: Rick Clark and Paul Sevigny

Davy Flight: Ron Ferragamo and Paul Haseltine

Galante Flight: Jed Lowry and Frank Romanelli (Tie Breaker)

Boston Flight: Dan Soule, Sr. and Ken Shorey


  • It is the responsibility of the Committee of securing substitutes. Substitute players can only be drawn from the league's official substitute list. If you need a substitute, please complete the Sub Request Form. The Committee secures substitutes on a first come basis based on the completion date and time of the Sub Request Form.
  • Any decision to postpone league play will be made by 1:30 PM. If the course is open and playable, league matches will go on. If a player no-shows, his partner will be expected to play solo against the other side. In the event of an absent team (both players miss the match), the team that is present must complete a nine hole round. Scoring for the match will be the team’s net best ball vs the card (or, Par). A Net bogey or worse on a hole earns 0 points, a net par earns ½ point, and a net birdie or better earns 1 point.
  • For weekly league competition, assume we are playing the ball down.

The Committee

President - Tom Keefe

Vice-President - Jamie Morel

Treasurer - Rick Clark

Scorer - Jay Audet

Chris Brown

Dan Soule, Jr.

Dustin Hunter, CNCC Director of Golf