Tips for Giving Memorable Gift Baskets

In days gone by, May Day was often celebrated by bringing a beautiful gift basket to those you loved or new neighbors, welcoming them into the neighborhood. Those were the days when women wore beautiful gowns with gorgeous lace and pearls embedded into the dresses. Women would make up candy boxes of homemade sweets, cookies, and flowers for their sweethearts, friends and neighbors to be left on their door steps.

The idea of May Day gift baskets is still alive and being appreciated by many recipients. Brides are putting together specially chosen gifts for their bridesmaids and guests who are arriving from out of town. Whether it is a gift basket for your sweetie or for your guests, learning the etiquette of how to put together the basket is your first step.

Make Each Basket Special and Memorable

Think about that special person and the times you have spent with each other. Each item you select for the basket should have a good reason for being in the basket. Think about how your recipient would reuse the item or enjoy the item. This will make it a memorable gift. If you can’t think of a reason for it to go to this person, then leave it out. If you stick to these basic rules for each basket, then all your guests and friends will be thankful for your loving baskets.

Please Be My Bridesmaid Basket

Make it a special time when you ask your friend to be your bridesmaid. Sending or bringing over a gift basket with you is a perfect way to ask for a favor. Include in the basket candy boxes, your color palette and maybe a ribbon or fabric piece of the color you would like your bridesmaid to wear. A map of the location for the wedding and reception. A nice hand written note asking your friend to be a part of your day would make it a perfect basket.

Guests Welcome Baskets

Make them feel like this is home away from home. Everyone loves sweets and flowers so include colors that are in your color palette. Make sure you give a keepsake for them to take home. A nice welcome letter and a local map of things to do is very welcoming. Make sure there is plenty of bottled water in their room. After a full day out at your wedding, they will appreciate the extra water on hand.

Personalize Your Baskets

For a couples basket you may want to monogram a few items in their basket. It is always nice to see a personalized monogram item. A hand written welcome letter is always elegant and it warms the couple’s hearts to think you would take the time just for them. What a great way to kick off a memorable wedding weekend.

Every Basket Should Include

A beautifully crafted or calligraphic gift tag is essential for the finishing touch. It will tell your friends and guests that you have given plenty of thought to every touch of the gift basket. They will be excited to open your gift and will enjoy everything inside.

Making Sure Everything Gets Home

For functionality, chose packaging that the guests can toss before packing up to leave. It might not look as great, but it will fit into their travel cases easier. Do not give chocolate if you can avoid it. Chocolate does not travel well in warm weather.

One No-No to remember

If there is two single people that will be sharing a hotel room, make sure that both people get a gift basket. You want to make each person feel welcome right from the start and not left out because they are sharing a room.