Having experienced the transformative results of student-empowered learning, Melanie aims to nurture students' natural curiosities and inspire them to become lifelong learners and changemakers.  By creating opportunities and events that allow students to showcase their 21st-century skills and passions, she is committed to ensuring students feel seen, heard, and valued. 

As a coordinator for Erie 1 BOCES/WNYRIC since 2003, Melanie collaborates with teachers to design and transform curriculum and assessment to be an authentic, engaging experience where students connect their identity to content and use critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. 



"Collaborative discussion, hands on activity, everything was awesome!"

"Love the variety of techniques/strategies used, people sharing ideas/resources." 


"All the information today (and every other session) speaks to me as an educator, coach, specialist, and leader. You always show innovative new ideas and trends that keep me wanting more!"


"I love that, after Melanie asked us to explain our PBL example, she connected our example to the project design rubric. Then, she built upon what we shared by explaining how we could incorporate more elements from the rubric into our project. I also liked that we learned about examples of how to create real world tasks. I so value all of our PD sessions with Melanie! She is so supportive of our efforts and provides wonderful resources and practical ideas that are easy to implement. I believe that her approach is very effective and gives us the confidence to believe that we can do this! Thank you!"


"One of our students ran over to the superintendent as he was speaking with someone else to introduce herself and hand him a brochure and asked if he wanted to see her board since it was still up. Amazing!"

"Watching my students present with confidence and excitement was the most meaningful part of the day. It was literally the culmination of a school year's worth of work on display." 

"The energy of  [students] plus adults in the same space enjoying a learning environment in person was awesome. The ability to cultivate awareness, acceptance, and embracing cultural diversity was just plain beautiful."